Welcome – So: What’s this neat trick all about?

Well, first things first. It’s true that this blog is about bike camping.  I’ll be writing on some of the concerns and ideas I have about how non-motorized vehicle camping has yet to come to full fruition in the United States.  In the age of glamping, I believe there is quite a bit left to say about how our ventures into the outdoors have been transformed by technology and status consumerism.

Beyond that, though, I hope that it also becomes an invitation to start imagining new ways to enjoy our increasingly strained natural environment. In doing so, we can start breaking down the very complicated question of lifestyle and the ongoing conversation about climate change.

The idea for this blog came out of a desire to chronicle my experiences in bike camping throughout Oregon and Washington, predominantly the Cascade region of the Pacific Northwest in the United States.  I ride solo, as well as with groups, and each trip brings its own unique set of memories and experience that I can only be so fortunate to receive.

I thought, though, that some of the more hidden charms and benefits of this rather small niche could be great to explore from another angle.  As I gained more miles and experience, it slowly began to dawn on me that bike camping, by virtue of its smaller scale consumption, was benefited from small businesses as much as small businesses benefit from tourists.

I’ve decided, therefore, to frame this conversation in regards to outdoor leisure, regionalism, satyagraha (don’t worry, I’ll expand on that shortly), and how these all relate to carbon emissions.  I’m also a totally incorrigible amateur standup comic, so I plan to include a series of “Yarns from the bitch seat”: tales from the perspective of an open road rider.

More to come:

  • Cuz Knowledge is Power: How is touring/bike camping different from the common idea of camping? What are carbon emissions and how did you calculate your carbon footprint?
  • Bike tourist industry
  • Gandhi’s non-violent philosophy: Satyagraha on Main St.
  • Yarns from the Bitch Seat
  • Andagi – an islander’s grab bag

Other sites I’ll reference at this point:


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