About my neat bike trick


Thanks for stopping by.  Here you will find some offerings to the growing conversation in the United States about striking a balance between urban living and environmental restoration.  This blog will focus on recreational long distance travel by bicycle, especially bike camping. A deeper exploration of bike camping as khadi economics will also be offered here, through journal and photographic entries.

Khadi economics?  What’s that?

Bike camping?  What’s that?

Bike camping has been growing in popularity, and has been enabled by the sprawling miles-long network of bike paths and bike lanes along open roads.  Camping gear can be transported with panniers, racks, or trailers.  Bike camping presents the obvious challenges and differences from car camping which will be documented on this blog.  Feel free to send questions or post comments.

So what’s with the 5 pounds in 2 days thing?

It’s a non-scientific, tongue-in-cheek conclusion that using a bicycle to recreate in the outdoors in even more sweeping ways, with less impact on the environment.  I have no idea if I am actually saving five pounds of carbon dioxide in two days of bike travel. As this space develops, I’ll try to provide some more concrete measurements and better references upon which this conclusion can be strengthened and advanced.


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