Gandhian Philosophy

Gandhian Philosophy and other ideas advanced by Mahatma Gandhi will be used in this site to illustrate how principles of truth, love, and other principles have a great deal to do with bike camping.

Khadi economics was first coined by Mahatma Gandhi to describe a form of economy that was more human-scaled and sustainable pace of economic production. He suggested that striving to meet one’s own needs of consumption was more in pace with the organic pace of consumption, thus placing less strain on the production environment. I use the teachings of khadi economics to demonstrate the pace of travel and consumption captured by bike travel.

Consider this in contrast to the markets found in the United States, where images of consumer goods bombard the gaze and shoppers are encouraged to gorge on sales and bargain shopping. Online shopping and other enablers of instantaneous gratification in the US have become part of the sales pitch.

Satya, or “truth”, is at the center of neatbiketrick writings in terms of how motorized vehicles and power consumption has continued to place the US at the top of the list of heaviest per-capita polluters.  I promote bike camping as a means to start the conversation of how even leisure in the “great outdoors” can actually consume quite a bit of fuel or other forms of energy.

Satyagraha, or “truth force”, is a large part of the drive for my bike camping.  Not only do I reject the idea that camping in the Portland Metro region requires motorized transport, I thrive on the idea of bike camping through this gorgeous terrain.  I recently submitted a writing where I outlined the connections:

“The same smaller-scale approach can be made to proliferate in the same way that globalization and open borders allowed capitalism to proliferate to enormous scales. Bike camping might be an unusual example that is not practiced every day; but for someone such as myself who treasures being able to travel without damaging the environment with emissions and heavy-vehicle-wear, the trip becomes as much joy as reaching the camping site itself, no matter how grueling the ride, nor how diverse the weather patterns.

Khadi economics is a call to return to the concepts of well-made and long-lasting goods.  This blog will extend that argument to the idea of bicycle camping and open road touring as a means of experiencing a fuller means of travel and recreation.


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